U.S. and Other forward Nations Ready to do Business With Iran … A positive step !

Dozens of Major Corporations and hundreds of small businesses can now do business with Iran due to the easing of sanctions against the Moderate Islamic State.

Iran has been transparent with its Nuclear ambitions, and have proved their willingness to work within the framework of the AiEA and U.N. charters , therefore should be awarded contracts that would provide thousands of jobs for Americans and Europeans.

Iran is a signatory of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Act, Something that our  ” So called Ally ” Israel has refused to do, and truthfully has led to unnecessary problems and setbacks in the Middle East.

We Americans welcome the budding Aerospace Giant Iran, and are pleased to have the opportunity to do business with a moderate Islamic State. Many believe that Iran will become a peacemaker in the Middle East and certain parts of Europe due to their close ties with Russia.

Here are some very good articles that demonstrate the need and good that will come from opening up the business with Iran.

Boeng, Lockheed Martin, Airbus ” Just to name a few , are some of the company’s itching to do business with Iran, and we hope that they get that opportunity.

By placing American interest’s first, and tuning out the duldrum blah, blah , blah from Israel, that the American public has become accustomed to, we can move forward, creating jobs for Americans, and stability in the Middle East.

This link below will take you to a site that walks you through the legal needs for business with Iran.

Iran, Islamic Rep.

Ease of Doing Business in

Iran, Islamic Rep.



US-listed companies doing business in Iran: $540 million in revenue and counting :



Back in business: What Iran deal means and who benefits from it



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