The BIBI Blowout, Why did Boehner Do it ? Moderates say, He Just wanted to Politicize the event and Demonize the Democrats for the Upcoming Elections

Mainstream and Alternative media outlets warned that BIBI’s speech would be the same old Rhetoric, and It was. SO the question is why did he do it ?

There was nothing new in BIBI’s message, In fact many Americans were upset with Speaker Boehners invite, and wrote him directly telling him so.

Americans are weary of Congressional Behavior, Welcoming his Excellency and giving him no less than 40 standing ovations as he rolled out his propaganda speech that offered nothing new, and only widened the divide between Israel and the White house.

Lets take a look back a few months and listen to those pundits for and against BiBI’s speech.

I call this segment, After the facts:

John Boehner invites His Boss Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress

The Politics of Boehner’s Netanyahu’s Congressional Speech, or Political Football:

The fallout from Boehner’s Netanyahu invite / Israel, John Boehner, Congress

Netanyahu Hungers For War With Iran

putin on iran and israel

‘Iran too big a fish to fry for Israel’ – ex-IAEA chief Hans Blix

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