Hollande says the Internet needs to be “regulated” to suppress videos and even search results deemed “anti-Semitic”

Mr Hollande is mistaken. Antisemitism is a result of Zionist aggression and warmongering with the Neo Cons. In the real world, we dont need to be told to accept Jews, we already do. My Jewish family and friends are wonderful loving people and do not support Zionism, nor do they support All of Israels actions. The truth is ” This World is ready for peace in the Middle East that is equitable for Israel and Palestine . This is just theater and nonsense for Netenyahu and friends. Its a French Whore giving a ZIonist a Blow Job.

Follow The Money



French President François Hollande says modern “anti-Semitism” stems from “hatred of Israel.”

French president François Hollande has said his government will soon announce a raft of tough criminal laws to crack down on anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia and Holocaust denial.

He made the announcements in a speech to CRIF, France’s main Jewish communal body and Israel lobby group, on Monday.

Hollande said that the Internet needed to be “regulated” to suppress videos and even search results deemed “anti-Semitic.”

The president said that the appropriate model would be the laws used to prevent the dissemination of child pornography.

But the measures are likely only to make matters worse, among other things by criminalizing criticism of Israel and further conflating Zionism with Judaism.

The plans will worry civil libertarians already concerned about the crackdown on free speech since the January attacks by three French gunmen on the offices of Charlie Hebdo

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