Ukrainians wish to speak to Western people… [eng subs] “An appeal to people of US, EU and Canada” (read the description plz)

Published on Mar 19, 2015

I’ve got several requests to translate this video, but as I found out it’s an old video, I guess recorded in summer of 2014, though I couldn’t find the original, maybe there were subtitles there, but I couldn’t find it and it’s still up to date (and unfortunately remain so at least for some time) I kinda had to translate it. I mean, don’t attack me if there was a translation somewhere somewhen, and if there wasn’t, appealing to US, EU and Canada citizens in Russian is somewhat genius.

Though personally I’m rather skeptical about such stuff, like, you know, girl stating totally obvious things without any particular names or facts (though naming them would indeed be dangerous in UA) and all the dramatic stuff in the end… maybe some already people don’t get things in any other way, but, using some propaganda tricks in counter-propaganda isn’t the correct way of things, imho (but reading comments like “It’s propaganda!!” from guys who eagerly devour tons of official western propaganda would still be something funny). Anyway the things are obvious and true there, but the way they’re told… So, yeah… sort of…


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