For many years now the American people have asked for a deal with Iran that would ensure peace in the Middle East and set the stage for easing sanctions on a peaceful Iran and open the door to peace and prosperity. That day is here and I for one am very proud of President Obama and his administration for doing so. I am an American who completely supports this.

Secondly, the American people have needed for the United States government to put Israel on a leash for their war mongering and political turmoil that cost Americans far more than they should have paid over many decades and more over, the American people can no longer support an Apartheid Garrison State that wants to control American Middle East policy and continue to drain American taxpayers for the purpose of the continued occupation of Palestine and the continued Holocaust being perpetrated on the Palestinian people. We as Americans should have never supported these acts and must not do so in the future.

It is no longer just about Israels security, or the creation of a Jewish State. It is about sustainable world peace and this American , in the future, will not accept anything less. Thank you President Obama, for making this deal move forward !

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