Kill Zone The Lavoy Finicum Encounter and what can be learned from it.

What trained warriors know about warfare, Is that you must control and canalize the enemy and take advantage of their movements. You must not fail to collect and assimilate data and gain intelligence on your subject or prey. This allows the war- fighter to obtain and hold on to the initiative.

In the case of Lavoy Finicum , he was not prepared for a confrontation with a militarized police apparatus, who were engaged in the planning and setting up an ambush zone that would render any efforts to escape fruitless and trap the vehicle in an isolated kill zone with intersecting fields of fire and also deny the occupants any opportunity to flee or assume a protected posture or offensive capability.


I believe that Mr. Finicum was more concerned about the 18 year old female passenger in his vehicle than anything else. I believe that the FBI and Police fired the first shots and indeed the only shots.

The use of lethal force was not necessary and the brutal disregard for human life is an astonishing fact that anyone who watched the FBI video could see.

If these were black people or Muslims ” the world and indeed our President would be tearful and speaking out about this. But these were white people who were constitutional and were branded terrorist by the local and federal governments.

Shame on this Nation and Shame on the FBI and Shame on president Obama for this militarized ambush and murder by militarized police forces.

White middle class Americans are now the terrorist and are clearly being labeled and targeted as such.

One more example of police brutality and lawlessness in our government. It is a sad day for America and all peace loving Americans.

The first shot in the revolution has been fired in an act of war against an American citizen.











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