Joy Karega tells truth about Israel and is attacked by Zionist Asset Fox News

An Ohio professor who tweeted a statement about Israels roots in ISIS and their affiliation with them , Is being attacked by the Israeli Zionist asset ” Fox News.

It is the typical attack used by Israel and their Zionist media outlets who are simply tools that are owned or manipulated by the ADl, AIPAC and the powerful Zionist Lobby.

America can be proud, that this courageous woman has the guts to tell the truth, and even prouder still that her employer stands behind her freedom of expression and speech.

The world needs more truth sayers like this woman, and more employers who are willing to stand up to the Zionist influence in our media and government.

Details of story released by the Zionist asset Fox News in their effort to destroy this wonderful Professors career and bully her employer.

Shame on you Fox News !

Zionist asset Fox News attempts to destroy a great American



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