My Beliefs, Philosophy and Why I am a Humanist /Atheist

This is not about Antisemitism. This Page is about the Dangers of  “Religious Extremism ” I am repulsed by war, killing, unnecessary control over the populace. I do not believe that we need the Police State , nor do we want it. Our Government has ignored our desires and rights and has made us insolvent for the purpose of widespread violence around the world, financing , controlling and manipulating economys, financing terrorism all the while, Ignoring its obligation to secure the Borders, Create legistlation that empowers the populace to be industrious and competitive, while maintaining domestic tranquility. Religious Extremism is being manipulated by Governments now, and this threatens the existence of the Chuches and Benevolent , Legitimate practice of Churches in their communities. In time Government will have complete control over religion and cultural identity. I Believe that people are free to practice religion in peace and that all religions should be respectful to humanity, promote peace through dialogue and leadership in whatever capacity they posses. Religious Extremism is at the forefront of Terrorism, and is arguably the biggest threat to humanity today. We see Radicalized Christians, Zionist Jews, and Extremist Muslim Fundamentalist ” waging war on a Planet wide scale. Our Great Nation is being influenced by many of these Factions, and because of our freedoms and rights” they seek to destroy our Nation and Society. We must not allow this to happen ! By returning our Nation to the rule of law, and embracing a Populist Idealism, We can defeat these outdated and destructive enemy’s.  Not by Traditional Warfare, but with love and the rule of Law, and by seeking out Foreign influence, and lifting it’s Evil Thread’s from our borders. Our Legislators must be Pure and Working for the good of the People. Today our Legislators are influenced by groups such as AIPAC, the ADL, and the Muslim Brotherhood. These Foreign influences care not for the People of our Great Nation, and therefore should not have sway over our Political processes. Europe is already seeing a Rise in Neo-Nazism, Fascism, Socialism and other subversive groups. This will not be helpful for the Euro, and will only add to our problems as well. We the majority are involved in a De-Facto war with the elites , who control the vast majority of the wealth. The disparity in income between the Wealthy and the Poor is stunning and discouraging, Thus the World is about to decend into conflict and killing on scales never before witnessed in human known history. There is no doubt that Governments, Will eventually conduct a World War to finally decide who and what will lead the New World Order. It will not be a benevolent Government, but it will be an effective Police State apparatus for a Corporate Empire ruled by a small and greedy few. Religion will have to step up to the plate and take its place in history. If the Church is true, and supports a God , who demands that humanity serve and love one another” The Churches must reach out and establish support systems for the people where ever these conflicts occur. We must respect humanity, even if Governments do not. Share the message, Share the Love,  Consider The possibility of Peace in Our time.


4 thoughts on “My Beliefs, Philosophy and Why I am a Humanist /Atheist

  1. This is the epicenter of the problem. Americans no longer have any faith in government. It is a well deserved phenomenon. Our government has become politically, morally and legally corrupted by foreign and religious subversions to our culture and people. The Elites desire to lead the NWO and further the globalist agenda must meet an end, at any cost and by all means.

  2. I have recently decided that religios extremism is not the biggest problem we have. It is clear to me that money, war and corporate power have merged to form a matrix that is wed to the State and it succeeds because it is lucrative for our politicians. Fascism was a kitten compared to what we face today.

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